Arista ISO 200 DX Code Labels/Stickers - 10 pack

Arista ISO 200 DX Code Labels/Stickers - 10 pack

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The DX code is the silver and black pattern on almost every film cartridge. Inside most electronic film cameras, there is a series of metal pins that read the code and tell your camera what your film speed is. But, what if you bulk-roll your film into blank cartridges? What if you want to push or pull the film? What if you're using an experimental film? If you have an SLR, you likely can change the ISO setting manually. However, there are a lot of cameras (especially compacts and point-n-shoots) on which you can not set the speed. After many years of testing various materials and printing methods, the Arista DX Code Labels were born!

Control your ISO with Arista DX Code Labels. No more DIY hacks, no more scratching film cartridges, and no more aluminum foil. These DX code labels will work with any camera with DX code sensors. Now you can use any films that are non-DX coded with your compact and point-and-shoot cameras! 

Included are 10 labels, backed with semi-permanent adhesive. Each pack only has ONE (1) ISO included and comes with four (4) 36 exp. labels, three (3) 24 exp., and three (3) 12 exp. The exposure part of the code is included for convenience for those with cameras with enough pin sensors to read it, however most compact cameras do not read the frame count on the code and most of the ones that do don't stop at 12 frames just because the DX code says so. So, almost all of your DX sensor-equipped cameras should be able to use all of these labels regardless of how long the roll.


  • 10 labels - ISO 200
    • 4 labels - 36 exp.
    • 3 labels - 24 exp.
    • 3 labels - 12 exp.