ARS-IMAGO LAB-BOX 120 - Module Only
ARS-IMAGO LAB-BOX 120 - Module Only

ARS-IMAGO LAB-BOX 120 - Module Only

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LAB-BOX is a multi-format tank that allows film development, from start to end, in full daylight, bypassing the need to load the rolls in a darkroom or changing bag. Thanks to the two interchangeable modules and custom-designed adjustable reels, the tank can be used for both 135 and 120 film.

The ARS-IMAGO LAB-BOX 120 (Module Only) is the optional accessory required to process 120 size film with the LAB-BOX. It includes the 120 module and the 120 reel, only. Rolling 120 film onto a reel is made easy using the LAB-BOX tank processing system.


  • Universal and Modular: with one tank (not included) it is possible to develop both 135 and 120 film rolls, simply by switching the module.
  • Compact and Portable: its compact size allows for easy carrying, in a bag or backpack.
  • Quick and Easy: film rolls can be loaded and developed in daylight, through an intuitive and simple process.
  • Versatile and Professional: it is perfectly suitable for beginners, but will also meet the needs of more experienced photographers, offering the possibility to experiment with different developing processes. Room temperature processing (as for most B&W developers) is ideal, but the LAB-BOX can be weighted and partially submerged in a water bath for higher temperature processes (for Color films).


  • The 135 Module (not included) has a film slot where the 35mm cartridge is positioned and blocked. The film is then clipped and the lid is closed in order to rotate the outer knob and load the film onto the reel. Once fully loaded, an internal blade cuts the film, separating it from the cartridge. A turn of the knob puts the last bit of film on the reel and it is ready for processing.
  • The 120 Module is equipped with two compartments: the roll is positioned in the top one and the film will be automatically loaded in the bottom one. Once the lid is closed, pulling out the black backing paper, through the slot on the back, automatically loads the film in the second, lightproof compartment. After switching the lower compartment to safe mode, the lid can be opened in order to remove the paper or any residue. Then, clip the film, close the lid, flip the lightproof compartment switch to open, and rotate the outer knob to continue loading the film onto the reel. 


  • 120 Module
  • 120 Reel