Peak 2030 Enlarging Focuser

Peak 2030 Enlarging Focuser

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Enlarging Focuser 2030

This focuser ensures extremely sharp focusing of your photographic enlarger; not only at the picture center portion, but also at any position within the picture area. With the aid of this focuser, you will be able to demonstrate the full performance of your enlarger and obtain pictures of unparalleled sharpness.

Construction and Principles 

The focuser mainly consists of a mirror, a loupe, and a pattern plate. The bottom surface of the pattern plate and the basement surface of the focuser are adjusted so that they will be in positions accurately symmetrical to the mirror. Therefore, when the focus of the enlarge is adjusted to cause the enlarged image of the negative to correctly focus on the bottom surface for the pattern plate, the enlarged image of the negative is correctly focused on the photographic paper, when you remove the focuser from the easel.

Even if you place the focuser at a position deviated from right below the optical axis of the enlarger, there will be no change in obtaining the correct focusing.


  • Eye-piece: 10x, 2-groups, 2-elements
  • Angle: 10°
  • Mirror: 43 x 25 mm
  • Size: 65 x 140 x 140 mm
  • The edge of optimal range is when the optical axis of the enlarger lens forms an angle of about 10° with the optical axis of the focuser.