Holga 135FC 35mm Film Camera - Pink Sparkle
Holga 135FC 35mm Film Camera - Pink Sparkle
Holga 135FC 35mm Film Camera - Pink Sparkle
Holga 135FC 35mm Film Camera - Pink Sparkle

Holga 135FC 35mm Film Camera - Pink Sparkle


In a world where technology changes and advances every day, it's refreshing that a chunky utilitarian camera made almost entirely of plastic has reawakened and is enlightening the analog world of photography. A Holga goes back to the bare necessities of photography and forces users to stop relying and thinking about the bells and whistles and simply shoot.

Holga is for those who want to create truly unique images - for those who appreciate light leaks, enjoy slight soft focus and welcome retro vignetting. Due to its simple and inexpensive design, Holga is categorized as a toy camera. The very features that personify the Holga would be considered defects in any other camera. Holga's lo-fi attributes create distinctive images not created with any other conventional camera. These are the reasons the Holga camera has gained a huge following.

The Holga Sparkle with flash is a unique film camera that offers a distinct photographic experience. This is not your typical film camera as a Holga produces photos with sharp center and soft, fuzzy edges, creating a dream-like and nostalgic effect. This camera is simple enough for any photographer, but offers the ability to adjust focus and aperture settings for more control than any other point-and-shoot or disposable camera.

Embrace a carefree approach to photography, not taking life too seriously and having fin while shooting. The random light leaks and lens flares that may occur add an element of unpredictability to the photos, making each shot a delightful surprise.

Capture those special moments in a nostalgic and artistic way, while embracing the unpredictability of film photography. Go ahead, shoot film, and enjoy the journey!


  • For use with 35mm film
  • Bulb setting 
  • Tripod socket
  • Threaded shutter release button
  • Standard hot shoe adapter
  • Aperture at f/8 and f/11
  • Shutter speed approximately 1/100 of a second and bulb
  • Focal length is approximately 47mm